Thursday, 21 October 2010

Personal Note:

This blog is still in the works. I am writing and editing blog posts as time allows.

I've recently started the beginning stages redecorating our home. This involves clearing a alot of stuff out and also stripping wallpaper off walls.

I've also recently had an extremely horrible cold. You know, the kind that absolutely drains all the life out of you. I wanted to finish editing while I was down with this but I was so weak and drained, I didnt even have the energy to go online at all.

Even now, I am mostly over this stinking cold. I am so pleased to announce that I'm finally able to sleep through the night without waking up unable to breathe and coughing so hard I thought I'd break something inside. There is no more sneezing, wheezing, or coughing up toe bones. I just have an occasional cough now and then or a really good throat clearing.

Unfortunately, I'm having to turn up the tv quite loud and I am constantly being accused of yelling at family. Not intentionally mind you, but its because my ears are still clogged up. I can barely hear, I'm also still having dizzy spells which started last week. Dizzy spells are not good while stripping walls near the ceiling. Its been almost three weeks, since I got this!

I've also had some issues to deal with involving kids. You know how that goes. Kid has a problem, needs parental assistance. Yup, that's me! Especially, if they don't want to go to their Dad first! Just call me the Kid to Dad soundboard. I dont know how many times in the last couple months I've heard "How do you think Dad will react when I tell (or ask) him..."

So there you have it. I know it sounds like a bunch of excuses, but... it must seem like I've forgotten about this blog. I honestly haven't.

In the meantime, here's a little something I did for some friends on Twitter. We have a group of people who contribute pictures of pre-determined topics on Sundays for a Twitter blog. This past week's subject was "AudioBoo us your voice".

Well, I narrated a video instead. All the tree pictures are from this summer's two week holiday on the canals. Please bear in mind, my voice is a bit stuffy and squeaky due to the cold I've had and the video is purely amateurish as it was the first I've ever made of a slideshow.

If you'd like to see the blog, feel free to go take a look at Wombat's Sunday Pics. Don't forget to look in the Archives.

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